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Counter -Strike

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So they have released Counter-Strike BETA5. Well I must say that it is only a small improvement if you ask me, but then there wasn't much you could improve. So I like Counter-Strike, I have to say that it probably the mod that I enjoy the most. And this release wasn't so much about improving the mod as making it easier to learn. For instance, when buying ammo for your guns in CS4 I would almost always end up selecting my knife part way through it and then when I need to shoot at something I would drop my weapon and up comes the knife. I'm sure this has happened to you. Well know there is nearly no chance of that because you can bind a key to buy either your primary or secondary ammo, it is faster and you won't be selecting your knife half way through.

Other improvements include the HUD. You know see how much money you have all the time, in addition it tells you how much you earn or lose for doing something. For instance, if you shot a hostage dead then a -800 would appear above your money counter. If you kill an enemy then however much that is appears above your total. It is helpful is all, nothing that will help win the fire fight but it'll make your decisions about who to kill a lot clearer.

Another new feature is the heads up help. This is just what I call it. It tells you about a friend the first time to look at one and what to do with a hostage, if anything. This can be turned off, but a beginner certainly would find this a great help.

I could go on about the new features and the improvements but the only ones that realy matter to those that are in the know are the weapons and maps.
From CS4 there are 3 new maps and 1 new weapon. The weapon is an auto-shotgun. If you don't know it is a shotgun like the other one but you don't need to pump it to chamber the next shell, so it fires about twice as fast and does equal damage as the other one. One down point is that it only holds 7 shells at once so you will run out of ammo quickly if your not careful. Try to reload as often as possible.

Now the 3 new maps are cs_iraqi, cs_backalley and de_train. Though only 2 are actually said to be new by the designers I have never seen any of these 3 before. Or maybe they made a typo.
Anyway, backalley is a large and complex level, it takes quite a machine just to render the map let alone play on it, on my AMD K6/2-400 with a Voodoo2 it was getting a little jerky and this wasn't even playing it on the net. So while it's a lovely level with a great layout, it is too lovely for the average machine. Sure it'll be fine on something like a PIII-600 with a TNT2 Ultra, but hands up all those that have a machine like this. Not many. I don't blame the designer but it could be a little more machine friendly.
Now onto cs_iraqi. This level is again quite a large map, with a lot of points where a camper would have a good time, it isn't at all jerky like backalley and when I played it was within resonable lag conditions. It has a mounter machinegun at the CT base which could have been done without, but it is a good map, multiple ways through the level mean that it is best with a large team on each side to defend and attack from all quarters. I counted at least 3 ways to get into the T base and around 7 nice sniper spots. There are 5 hostages in this one and they are spreadout through the map, well almost. They aren't all together I mean. I like this map though I haven't really played it much, I can't seem to get a good game.
Lastly we have de_train. I don't like the bomb maps much in general and this one is no exception. There are places to hide but they won't hide you for long. It never seemed to be very balenced. This map leans towards the Terrorists I think, I might be wrong and was just on a pitiful team but that's my opinion. I like maps that have a good mix of sniper spots and close combat areas. I'm not a camper by nature but I do like to go sniping every now and then, but will lead an offensive quite a bit. This map just didn't feel right, it was like crossfire and doublecross in regualar HLDM, they had the same basic principle yet doublecross was great and crossfire mearly adequate. Still not bad if you like maps like this, not my cup of tea.

Well that's the general extras made to the mod. The weapons and such should have been updated by the time you read this, and don't forget that if you are sniping, whatever the weapon try to do it crouching, you'll get much better accuracy.

I might be talking a load of rubbish here but there is a down point to this new release. It does seem to be a little bit more laggy than the previous one. It could just be me but there it is. I spent nearly an hour trying to find a reliable game the other day only to find that my ride had just turned up. Maybe the next version will try to tackle the lag problem. Just a thought. Though with ADSL and Cable about to be available here in the UK maybe I won't notice on the next version. Here's hoping.

weapons overview, Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Items, Main