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The Counter-Strike Pistols

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Pistols are SECONDARY weapons

H&K .45 Tactical (500)

If you are lumbered with this weapon at the start as your secondary weapon, then be happy. It is silenced so even if you do miss it is much less likely that your target will notice. On top of that it is still quite a powerful pistol, 1 clip holds just 12 rounds but this is enough to take out a good few targets should you hit them all.


Glock 1B Select Fire (400)

This is probably the most pathetic thing this mod has to offer. If you have a choice between this gun and the knife I would go for the knife. At least that way you have some sort of chance. It's only good quality is that it holds 20 rounds in the clip, apart from that it is a very weak gun. It would take nearly 2 clips to kill someone, and that's without body armour. A seriously bad gun.


Desert Eagle .50AE (650)

Now this is a pistol. It's .5 calibre gives it outstanding power. So much in fact that it is even armour piercing. Please note that armour piercing isn't just body armour, it also goes through most walls. It is this AP that makes me love this gun so much. Sure it isn't the most powerful weapon in the game, a pistol should never be so, but it is the immense power that such a relatively cheap gun gives you that is so.... well.... WOW.

I could use this gun and this gun only if it weren't for the fact that a faster firing rifle would win almost every time.


SIG P228 (600)

If you are given this little beauty at the start of a game, you will note that only 12 rounds are loaded, however this gun holds 13 and not 12. The reasoning behind this is uncertain and I wouldn't want to speculate, so I'll get on with my job and explain why this gun it the 2nd best pistol to have. Now it is powerful, this is quite obvious when you are getting hit by one, but it is also has quite a fast rate of fire, for a pistol. These 2 combine to give you an outstanding gun.




So in the end my suggestions for pistols would be get all of them, except the glock! This is possible. All you need do is buy a pistol and the one you have will be dropped, then you buy the third pistol and you drop the second. Then just walk over the 2 dropped pistols, a word of caution you can only pick up the extra pistols if you don't hold a primary weapon (rifle or shotgun etc), if you have a primary weapon and want a wider selection of pistols you can drop your primary weapon, pick up the pistols and then pick your primary up again. If however you don't want to do this for whatever reason, then simply choose for yourself, you can use my views or make up your own, it won't bother me a smidge.


weapons overview, Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Items, Main