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Counter-Strike Rifles

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Rifles are PRIMARY weapons

Colt M4A1 Carbine (3250)

This is a very effective weapon, however it is a Counter-Terrorist only weapon. Terrorists need not apply. It has power. It has rapid fire. And it has a, limited, zoom. And so it is a great weapon, it'll take down most people with just a few careful shots, and as it is a rifle it is armour piercing, which means that you can forget about weather or not they have bought a vest. Also it'll shoot through any walls where a likely terrorist is hiding. Down points are in it's accuracy and the zoom being only limited. I still choose this weapon whenever I can. When you start playing it is expensive ,though this isn't much if you are on the winning team, but it'll take about 5 games if your team sucks.


A1 Arctic Warfare/Magnum (4750)

This is THE most powerful gun in the game. It will decimate any target with one shot. In fact it will decimate several targets with one shot! I haven't counted how many objects it can shoot through in one shot but that doesn't really matter as when are you ever in a position to hit more than one with one shot? Unfortunately it is a true snipers rifle, and not a combat weapon. You might use this if your providing cover for some buddies, but not if your on the offense. It fires 1 shot about every 1.5 seconds. It holds only ten shots in one clip but does take too long to change clips. But if you are providing cover, there is no other gun that can give such a massive kick in the teeth as this one. Extremely accurate and extremely powerful. The ultimate in sniping utensils.


H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle (5000)

This gun is called a sniper rifle. And fair enough, it can be used most effectively as a sniper rifle. But unlike other sniper rifles, it'll fire about 3 shots a second, so it can be used as a mid distance combat weapon. NB the Desert Eagle fire about 3 shots a second. However although it is extremely powerful, when moving it is extremely unaccurate. If you are moving, then this thing couldn't hit your target unless you were shaking hands. But even with this bad point, I still use this gun when ever I can, because there aren't many levels where you have that much room to move in anyway. One shot from this baby could kill an elephant, or decapitate a rhino, so the only reason not to use this gun is that it is overkill. Almost as powerful as the above magnum but is much better in other qualities. However dispite all that, you have to remember that if you need to reload make sure that you have plenty of time. This gun takes ages to reload. You might want to switch to your pistol until your in the clear.


Sig SG-552 Commando (3500)

This is a slightly improved version of the Colt described above, it looks almost identical and almost is as far as it shoots, though there are differences. For starters this gun is more powerful (just), it is a slight bit more accurate and that's it really. So really this isn't going to beat the Colt hands down. It holds the same amount of ammo, fires it off at the same rate and won't give you a much better chance of hitting anything (realistically). So this is really the terrorists equivilent of the Colt. The only reason I mark it below the Colt is that it is a bit more expensive. Part from that, it's the same gun really.


AK-47 (2500)

This gun is Terrorist only, and I think that it has been modified since BETA4, the rate of fire is a lot less and it seems to be more powerful. My grade still stands, but I do think more of this weapon than I did. When training someone on how to kill effieciently I use this gun for two reasons. First to give them a chance, while showing them that even the best gun is no good if you can shoot straight. I like it. But prefer the Colt.


Steyr Scout (2750)

This is another pureist sniper rifle. Slow rate of fire, but accuracy to make any one groan. This is the small brother to the Magnum. No where near as powerful, but is identical in every other respect. Only to used in a stationary task (cover fire or guarding).


weapons overview, Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Items, Main