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Counter-Strike Shotguns

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Shotguns are PRIMARY weapons

Benelli M3 Super90 (1500)

There was only one shotgun for CS4 but now with CS5 another is added. But for now there is only one, so if you want a shotgun your choice is limited. This gun fires quite a powerful but extremely short ranged shot. At a distance you would be lucky to hit them at all, and even if you did it would be a miracle if you did much damage. Also with it only holding 8 shells in the chamber at any one time it can be difficult to ever kill anyone. I would suggest that you always give this gun a miss. I real life they aren't used in hostage situations because of their spread. The same should be applied here, don't use it, I have seen a few people using it and they are firing and firing at their target, to find that the shots are bouncing off them like he was made of titanium. A note to people, this gun is useless against armour, and anything that cound be hostile, truely a crap, daggy and poorly animated weapon. The only time this gun is any good is when you are close enough to smell their breath, in which case use your knife, it's much more powerful and is silent.

Changes made to this weapon is the cost. It is now $500 cheaper.


Auto Shotgun (3000)

This is an automatic shotgun. While being a much fast firing weapon than the one above it holds 1 less shell and being faster at getting rid of then it is really easy to run out of ammo at the wrong moment and be shot halve way through reloading. Fortunately as a shotgun it has quite a bit of power but only against unprotected things. Just like the shotgun above the shots will just bounce off armour. You might want to get up very close and shoot the head. Problem with this is that by the time to get that close your knife is better.

I mark it better than the Benelli because it fires faster.


weapons overview, Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Items, Main