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Counter-Strike Items

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Kevlar Vest (650)

This particular item is usually bought when you can't afford the vest and helmet combo. If you dont have that extra 350 then this is fine. You will still be killed straight off from a head shot but few people can get a head shot.


Night Vision Goggles N/A

In version 4 these were a non-functional useless item, in version 5 they have been dropped into the trash. They don't exist any longer so there.


Kevlar Vest + Helmet (1000)

For those that remember my last review of this armour you may recall that all I did was say what a useless waste of time it was. Well, the armour isn't any better but I have changed my attitude to it. I now believe that it at least worth trying to buy, it won't keep to alive like not being hit would but it does do something. I would like for it to be a little more effective than realistic but I doubt if anyone on the CS team would listen to me. The only real advantage to this is a head shot would almost always kill, but if you have a helmet it will mearly cause sever damage. Of course most guns are quite rapid fire so you will be killed with the second shot just a fraction of a moment later but that first shot won't be the killer. The best thing is though, with the lag that this game has most people can't line up a head shot and will get your chest or legs. This is where the armour is best employed. If however your up against a crack shot with a minute ping then your as dead as a dodo. Never mind.


Concussion Grenades (200)

I really put these grenades down in the last update of this tips thing, but I will do better than that this time. I'm still not sure if these are at all useful because I tend to see people using them on themselves. This really isn't a good idea, nor is it something I would like to end up doing. It is said that if you look away from the blast then your vision will not be effected much. Well, I have been quite a distance away, looking the other way and still got blinded. I would be nice if there was a device you could buy that nulled the effects of the flashabangs but there isn't. Maybe next time.


Heavy Explosive Grenades (300)

These are really the same as the above grenades but are designed to do damage. Now, I have stood on top of one of these things and wasn't killed! Maybe it was because it was my own grenade. I would like there to be a bigger blast radius on these things and more damage. If they did I could have killed 3 enemies the other day, instead I have to try to shoot them, I injured one and the other two killed me in a matter of split seconds. I could have used a better tactic but this one was sound. I had surprise on my side and a more powerful weapon. I also had a height advantage, they had numbers. I can use these things but they do very little, more power would be nice.

For those that remember I said I couldn't use them before - I have been practicing.


weapons overview, Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Rifles, Machine Guns, Items, Main