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If you call us it'll be something like this.

This page was last updated on the 03 February, 2000

Open me up and listen.

This site is no longer active. We have moved to a new site. Click here to go there

Welcome to the HJE Web Site.

HJE is a Clan for Half-Life. If you are serious about your gaming then the best way to play is to join a clan. What we have to offer is not just a clan, BUT a whole Empire. The JAM Empire to be exact. You may oneday be playing a game of HL (Half-Life) and notice that one of the players has JJE or SJE or anything JE in their name. Well, they are from another division of the JAM Empire, but they will fight along side you all the same.

Another bonus of joining us, is that we reward loyalty. If you are dedicated enough, you will move up in rank. yes that's right rank. We give all our members a rank. you start off as a Private, and with time and dedication you will be an Ensign in no time. You will find a lot of friends among the HJE. The down side is you will make enemies, but then kill them. lol.

Anyway Welcome, take a look around. The site will be updated regularly (if possible) so be sure to check for updates.



9th February 2000


I've added the maps that I was talking about in the msg boards a while back. I made these myself and think that they are resonable. I don't expect high praise about them cos I am still learning the program, but I would appreciate it if ppl could d/l them and give me an honest opinion and constructive critisim. Please don't just say they suck and leave it at that. Anyway, I hope you like 'em. In the Downloads page.

3rd February 2000


For those that have been keeping their ears to the grapevine will know that a rule was passed that says the only msg board to be used is the main one. The reasoning behind this is so that a tighter form of group sould evolve from the enitre Empire using just the one board. And although I do agree with this in theory it may be difficult for important messages to be read by everyone as a lot of unneccasary rubbish will no doubt be posted. A sugestion I will make is that a different forum be created for each division as it was once before. Anyway, as a rule no one is to use the HJE msg board from now on. The link for the main board can be found in the links page (oddly enough).

In other news the official JE web site that has a link in the links page has been discontinued in favor of a new improved and generally better site being built by the hands of Ensign Hypo of the JJE, if you have any ideas that might be good post them to him. (ICQ# 35593898).

29th January 2000

So, it's been a long time since the last piece of news was added here. Well, that's because there isn't anything special to report I'm sorry to say. But there are some small bits that might get your attention.

First off we have had several new recruits and transfers in the past few weeks which has taken our total numbers up to 8. This is starting to look a bit better. Check the roster to make sure you have all of the HJEs' ICQ#s.

Second, I have updated the CS tips. I points out changes that I have noticed and a revised weapons review. I would suggest that those new to CS (Counter-Strike) should read some of this.

Third I have to report that I am disappointed with the screenshots. Since the former Rostek posted me his shots a long time ago I have had just 2 shots recently from NoToRiOuS. I would like to put new shots on each week. I don't care if your not HJE, just so long as your JE I'll post any pics that you care to send me. If I get more than 10 in one week from 10 different people then I might have a word to Blind about setting up some sort of compo for the best shot.

Lastly, I have completely finished a training facility that I was building. I looks a bit basic but I think that with some time spent in here your jumping and shooting skills may improve a little. Also, check out the lockers. They rock. For a copy leave me a msg or mail me, with your e-mail address. It comprises of 3 maps, a texture file and 2 text files. I'll zip 'em and ship 'em to any one. Changes may be made in the future.

9th January 2000


OH MY GOD! This is incredable news. EH-Zulu the Emperor's Hand has retired. This is just amazing. I personally never thought I would live to see the day, but here it is. For the newbies here is a brief profile on former EH-Zulu.

He was the 2nd most powerful man in the JAM Empire, he kept order with an iron fist. Though he could be very sever he was probably the most dedicated officer this Empire has. Now I put a lot of time and effort into the Empire, but this man was loyal beyond the call of duty. He wouldn't take anything that would make the Empire look even slightly tarnished. If someone had a go at someone for something without good reason or just took it too far, Zulu fell like a tonne of bricks on both. He was resourceful and of a great service.

Were it not for the ever digilant watch and actions of him then this Empire wouldn't be as good or fun as it is today.

It is my personal opinion that he should recieve some form of special award, though many may disagree with me I owe him alot. He was my first GA, and because we don't actually have one at the moment, he was my only real GA.

For a man like himself I salute thee. *SALUTE* And wish him luck with whatever he does.


His replacement as the the Emperor's Hand is former PJE-GA-Feyd, now JE-EH-Feyd. Be sure to update your info.

9th January 2000


The JAM Empire msg board has moved. So be sure to visit the links page here so update your link. There is also talk of moving it again but this time away from to another msg board server like casualforums. For those of you that are aware of this the msg board was once moved from casualforums to If you would prefer a casualforums board then leave your msg on the new board stating so.

In a similar vein to this the NEW JAM Empire web site is now up and running. Though limited in functionality it is going so be sure to visit. You can find the link is in the links page.

9th January 2000


The war with iD is finally and definately over. After beating them game after game we have declared them dead in the water. The hardest part of beating them was to get them to accept a challenge! Well done to Knome for his effort, single handedly beat iD after iD. Others got involved but most either couldn't find these rats or when they challenged them the iD would run away. So good job to all who played a part in it.

5th January 2000


The downloads are finally done. You can now download the Official HJE model and spraypaint decal. For help just contact me.

Also Happy New Year. I did almost nothing for the new year. And NO I don't want to know what you did. It would only be the same as I have heard thousands of times before.

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