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You want maps, then here you are

Playtest it and send me feed back

HJE Training - Duke

This is a basic and fun training map. Just my second so not to good, but you'll like it for a while.


9th Feb 2000

Couldn't find a decent pic so click here

Yet to be name - Duke

This is a CS map, so it should be put into your "cstrike\maps" directory.


9th Feb 2000

Duke.wad Uncompressed (1.33MB)

Duke.exe Compressed (686KB)

To play any maps made by Duke you must d/l one of these files. Place into your "valve" directory. They contain custom textures.

To the HJE, if you build a map and want people to know, msg me. If you want some help, just msg me. If you want someone to test it, msg me.