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Push (Soccer)


This map is a good one. With 5 or more players per team you can really set up a team feeling.

You should have at least 1 scout, and no more if you can't afford it.

He should be running straight for the ball. And then run back into his base with it so that he has some more powerful friends to rush the enemy base with.

An escort of at least 2 men should accompany the scout to take out the enemy and to take any damage. Should the scout die then the ball will be the enemies to take.

Watch out for these lasers. They only let you pass if your on the team whose base they defend. You have to go round.

When you go round, on one side there is a room with crates in. This is not a good place to try and have a fight, the more powerful weapon will always win. Scouts be warned.

This large room is where the ball is initially found and where most of the fighting takes place. Just in front of me is where the defense should be placed. This should be 2 HWGuys preferably because of their awesome power. However Pyros or Soldiers can work just as well.
Some people don't use these walk ways enough. They change not only your lateral position but vertical as well, making you harder to hit. Also they give you a good view and shooting position. Demomen can cover every inch on this room from up here, so use it.