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Rules for JAM Members


Please remember to follow protocol at all times. Keep in mind, you are representing the JAM Empire. Remember to put forth your best effort and attitude. Trash talking or any other "rude" comments against fellow JE members or non JEs will not be tolerated. Also, please keep in mind these rules are designed to make the game fair and enjoyable for your fellow clan members. We will also not tolerated hacking of any sort. If you are caught hacking you will be kicked out.

Being Active

Soldiers who are always inactive without an excuse will be demoted or even kicked off the roster. So if your going away for a long period of time. Please tell your Admiral. If you been away for along time and have an excuse like your computer broke. you will be welcomed back at your old rank.

Transferring to a Platoon

Transfers will be granted by platoon commanders. In order to transfer, a soldier must get the approval of his current commander, as well as the approval of the commander he will be joining. Commanders may refuse to grant a transfer, though it is generally in the best interest of all involved that a request be granted.


These people may promote you. The Emperor, your Admiral or any Grand Admiral. DO NOT bother the Emperor or a GA   about promotions. If by chance the Emperor or a GA feel the need to promote you themselves, they will contact you. Other officers may only recommend you for a promotion. This does NOT mean you will receive one. It is simply an opinion of the officer regarding your skill and attitude. Your Admiral will review the recommendation and decide if any action shall be taken. Do not complain about your rank unless you have a very very good reason because it will not help you get one. Do NOT expect a promotion just because you ask for one your Admiral will decide when you will be ready for it. The use of protocol will help towards your elevation within the JAM Empire, so use it and don't abuse it.

Promotions are given on the following merits, skill, attitude, amount and quality of recruits you brought in and how active you are both on the zone and ICQ. Just because you may be a highly skilled gunner or saberist, DOES NOT mean you will be promoted. Those who wish to achieve the rank of Ensign or higher MUST be skilled as well as have an excellent attitude! No will be promoting only showing up once in a while, they must be active on the zone constantly.

NOTE: The times mentioned above may vary from time to time according to how your Admiral wishes to do it.


Demotions will only be given as a punishment for serious offenses. your Admiral is the ONLY ONE who can demote a soldier. If by chance you have been demoted, you will ONLY be promoted to your previously held rank once your Amiral feels you have redeemed yourself. Do not expect a promotion to your old rank simply because of time. your Admiral will consider the following in determining whether or not to promote you to your old rank:

-How long you have been demoted
-Your past history
-Your actions
-Your attitude since the demotion.


Your Admiral will be in charge of recruiting. Only ensigns and higher ranks may recruit (or if your Admiral gives you special permission) but If you know some one who wants to be recruit and your not the right rank, please inform your Admiral who this recruit is but if your Admiral is not on, tell some one else. Good recruiting can lead up to promotions.

Ranks and Protocol
The JAM Empire Ranking System

*Note* When using the Abbreviations in your ICQ, or server name, use EXACTLY as shown here. Capital letters count.

OFFICER RANKS (These are taken from the US Navy, as the Star Wars Imperial Empire models itself after such ranks). Again, this is from the HIGHEST ranking Grand Admiral, to the lowest ranking Officer. The O for O-1 denotes Officer. ALL Officer Abbreviations in rank are Capitalized.

O-10 Grand Admiral (4 stars) /GA /High Council Member
O-9 Admiral (3 stars) /AD /(Leads Platoon)
O-8 Vice Admiral (2 stars) /VA / (2nd in command)
O-7 Commodore CM/
O-6 Captain /CT/
O-5 Commander /CO/
O-4 Lieutenant Commander /LTC/
O-3 Lieutenant /LT /
O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade /LTG /
O-1 Ensign /EN /(Recruiter)

ENLISTED RANKS (Marine Corps Ranks, they are a branch of the Navy, thus, the Imperium)From top enlisted personnel to lowest rank. The E for E-1 denotes Enlisted.

E-8 Sergeant Major /Sgm /
E-7 Gunnery Sergeant /Gsy /
E-6 Staff Sergeant /SSgt /
E-5 Sergeant /Sgt /
E-4 Corporal (Inducted into JAM as a NCO) /Cp1 /(Inducted into JAM)
E-3 Lance Corporal (Trial Soldier) /Lcp /
E-2 Private First Class (Trial Soldier) /Pfc /
E-1 Private (Trial Soldier) /Pv /(Trial Soldier)



As we know, you simply cannot run a military style organization without the use of protocol. Protocol has many uses in the military life, but it also serves a duel purpose. As we all know, most of the JAM empire are younger people. I say younger to mean in their teens, or low 20's. What we must strive to reach is simple. Protocol subjugates an individual to be respectful, whether that individual likes the person he is speaking to or not. Protocol is essential in this. It teaches younger people to respect authority, and that is the key to laying down a foundation of HONOR.

First, I will deal with the Enlisted ranks. It is very simple, and follows just a few rules.

Rule # 1--- ALL enlisted personnel will refer to other enlisted personnel by their rank. It does not matter if you outrank someone else in the Enlisted ranks, you will call them by their rank, and vice versa.
Here is an example:

SGT1-Roland : Hello Private Copper, how are you doing today?

Pvt1-Copper : Hi, Sergeant, I am fine and you? etc..

There can be an exception to this rule, but it is by choice only. If addressing a Sergeant Major, you may if you so desire, call him "sir". You do so only out of a show of respect. It is NEVER required though. It is left up to the individual addressing the Sergeant Major. The Sergeant Major will still refer to lower ranks by their Rank. This is personal preference and nothing more.

Rule # 2---ALL Enlisted ranks will refer to ALL Officers and higher (High Council, etc..) as "sir" There are to be NO exceptions to this rule. None at all. Period!!!!! If you do not refer to an Officer as "sir", those are immediate grounds for a disciplinary action, up to and including being dismissed from the JAM Empire. Although, if they are to be dismissed from JAM, there should be on record, a file of events that took place, showing that the individual that did this was in fact insubordinate more than once.

Rule # 3--- ALL Officers will refer to ALL Enlisted ranks by their rank name. If a Captain speaks to a Sergeant Major, he should say:

CT1-Roland : Hi Sergeant Major Copper, or Hi Sergeant Major.

SGM1-Copper: Hello sir, how are you today?

Now, the Officer has the right to give the command "at-ease". But, I warn the Officer this: DO NOT get too comfortable giving that command. I have seen WAY too much of that, and if you use "at-ease" too often, you begin to demean your rank. You worked hard for that rank, so, get paid the DUE respect that you have earned. In a game situation, the Officer should always give "at-ease", for obvious reasons. But, the officer MUST command respect in a game also. That is why I say an Officer should be responsible for his actions, and the actions of any LOWER ranked individuals in the room. The Officer must have command of the situation, whetherit be in an "at-ease" situation or not. Also, the Officer should require the lower ranks to use sir in a chatroom, or ICQ chat. Again, refer to your common sense here.

Rule # 4---ALL Officer ranks will refer to ALL higher ranked Officers as "sir". The Higher ranking officer will refer to the lower ranking officer by his Rank. Basically, the same as how an Officer will refer to an Enlisted Person.

Example would be:

VA1-Roland : Good evening Captain Copper, or Good Evening Captain.

CT1-Copper : Good Evening Sir, how are you tonight?

Rule # 5---Saluting. This is an interesting topic here. In the military, all Enlisted ranks salute the Officers, and the Officers, after having been saluted, return the salute. It is a show of respect to the Officer when an Enlisted Rank salutes him. It is also a show of respect when an Officer returns the salute. An Enlisted rank NEVER salutes another Enlisted Rank. PERIOD!!! That is just the way it is. That is why it is so important when you become an Officer. An Officer Rank is to be coveted. It is something that ALL Enlisted ranks should strive for.

Now, let us speak of civilians. Neither Enlisted Ranks, or Officer Ranks, are ever to call a civilian "sir", unless of course you just want to. I would not recommend this though, because simply stated, we are the Imperium, and they are NOT...