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Clan Challenges

This page is reserved for challenges by other clans. If your after a game but aren't in a clan, then simply ask one of us. To do that, use ICQ and the Roster.

If you are a clan, then fill in your details. Please put the time in CST or GMT and state which it is. (i.e. 10:00am CST) Or else your challenge may be delayed or even ignored. Please give at least 5 days notice before the challenge is due to be met, or it will be declined.


Anyone that misuses this feature will be severly cussed. You have been warned.
All fields marked with a dot are required.

•Name of your Clan : 

The type of game : 

Date for challenge : 

Time for challenge : 

Your e-mail address : 

•Your ICQ # : 


Extra Details (i.e. number of players or whatever) :

When you challenge us, we will try to get back to you with our decision ASAP. If you do not hear from us within 2 days, then I suggest you try again, or give up. Either way SORRY.